“Kate Schuricht’s ceramics are instantly recognisable. Her vessels are simple slip-cast forms, but it is their colouring and decoration that mark them out.” Corinne Julius, Design Critic

Kate has an intuitive way of working with colour, dipping and layering glazes to create shifting lines across the surface of her pots. A subtle palette of colour is used to decorate the pieces in thin layers of glaze. This creates unique speckles of contrasting colours that emerge from beneath the surface. More recently working on dark grey or black clay acts to ground the pots in earthy tones which are accentuated by lighter shades and flashes of metallic lustres.

The Flow Jugs are made using a hand-stained semi porcelain body and are glazed inside with a dark lustre. The unglazed exteriors are polished to a soft sheen. Kate’s stoneware ceramics are fired to 1240 or 1260C in an electric kiln. Stoneware ceramics are watertight and food safe.