“Colours in a range of clear glazes shade from faded blues to soft, mossy greens with a hazy, smoky finish, and are often combined with the shadowy crackle of raku firing.”

Raku Firing gives an infinite variation to the surface of each pot. Glazed pieces are rapidly fired outdoors in a gas kiln. Once they reach 1000º C, they are quickly removed and covered in wood shavings to insulate them from thermal shock as they cool.  The wood shavings burn into the ceramics, smoking the unglazed surfaces and defining the crackles. Many pieces are broken or spoilt in these intense firings, but out of them come pieces that have been described by Kate’s collectors as “meditations in clay’.

Raku fired ceramics are low fired decorative pieces. For more information on Raku see MY PROCESS.

Raku fired ceramics are low fired decorative pieces and not suitable for use with food or liquid. Glass liners are included in the purchase of single flower vases and wall vases.