The wall vase is designed to be adjustable in height for displaying different types of flowers. The vase locates using a bar that passes through the holes in the wooden wall piece and also through the vase itself. This is best assembled on a flat surface by lining up the holes in the vase with the holes in the wood and threading the bar right through. Check that the vase is secure before hanging.

Raku fired ceramics are not watertight, so a separate glass insert is supplied. This should be filled with water and the flower inserted before it is lowered into the wall mounted vase. The water can easily be topped up without needing to remove the vase from the wall.

To hang the Droplet Wall Vase, put in a nail or screw at an angle into the wall and hook the upper hole of the wall vase over the nail. Test that it is secure.

Ignore the lower hole, as it is not required for wall mounting. A glass liner is supplied to use for any fresh flowers and can be removed for topping up the water at regular intervals.

The wall vase can be hand washed with warm soapy water.